Kids Safely Play Sports Indoors with New Junk Ball "HALL STARS"

Designed to promote safe indoor play in smaller spaces

Seekonk, MA – February 10, 2010 -- Just because it is cold, rainy and dark outside, or you live in an apartment or urban area and do not have a backyard…it doesn't mean that you can't play your favorite sports indoors. 

Introducing Junk Ball's new line of indoor sports designed for safe indoor play.   The sets are sized and scaled for indoor play spaces such as bedrooms, hallways and playrooms.   The equipment to play each sport is soft and safe, while the rules are bent to enable hours of indoor active play.  

Hall Star's puts a new twist on indoor sports including golf, tennis, volleyball, badminton, baseball and hockey.   Each of the three introductory sets is simple to set up and store.

Simply put:  Halls Stars makes it possible to safely enjoy typical outdoor sports indoors.  Now every child can become a "Hall Star."


The Hall Star Indoor 2 in 1 Hockey and Baseball Machine allows you to test your goaltending reflexes and your home run power.  Here’s how it works…


Hockey: Player loads the Hockey Machine with the 5 foam balls then grabs the goalie stick with the foam blade and gets into position to play goal.  Opponent turns on machine choosing between expert (fast shots) and rookie (easier shots).  The 5 foam balls shoot one at a time at the goalie while he tries to make as many saves as possible.  For additional game play, opponent can rotate the base on the machine back and forth to aim where the machine is shooting. 

Baseball: Connector tube is attached to the machine and base and machine is loaded with the 5 foam balls.  Player grabs the bat (with the foam sweet spot) and gets in position to bat.  Opponent turns the machine on and chooses between expert (fast pitches) and rookie (slow pitches).  The 5 foam balls will pitch one at a time at the batter while he tries to hit as many home runs as possible. 

Set includes: Battery operated pitching and slap shot machine (4 AA batteries not included), Hockey Stick with foam blade, Baseball Bat with foam sweet spot, 5 Foam Balls
SRP:  $29.99, Recommended ages: 6 and up


Junk Ball Hall Stars Indoor 2 in 1 Hockey & Baseball


Hall Stars Indoor Disc Golf allows any PGA prospect to combine their love for golf and disc shooters in a game play safe for indoors! Set up "golf holes" around the house and shoot the discs off walls around furniture and down hall-ways until the disc goes in the hole!

A player creates their own golf course by placing the two holes around the house.  Game play becomes more challenging when the "hole" is moved up or down, left or right (move tube in all directions).   Player grabs the motorized golf club, loads the club with foam discs.  The club has two modes, Driver mode for long distance shots, and Putter modes to use when getting close to the target. Player picks the mode, aims the club at the target and presses the trigger to see how many shots it takes you to get the disc in the hole.  After the disc goes in, player moves the hole to another spot in the house.  Play by yourself or against friends! 

The Disc Golf set includes: Battery operated motorized golf club (Requires 2 AA batteries not included), 2 adjustable golf holes, 8 foam discs, disc shooter, and golf holes.

Hall Stars Indoor Disc Golf SRP:  $24.99 Recommended ages:  6 and up.


Junk Ball Hall Stars Indoor Disc Golf


Hall Stars Indoor 3-1 Net Sports:
This indoor favorite combines the three most popular outdoor net sports:  Tennis, Volleyball and Badminton.  Sports partners are challenged to rally using the two tennis racquets or to a volley playing with the inflatable volleyball.  All net sport games are scaled down in size to all for “knee sports” play. 

For Tennis and Badminton:
  The net is placed in low position.  Players grab racquets and jump to their knees.  Players aim to hit the ball (or the “birdie”) over the net without it hitting the ground or game play could be the first one to let the ball hit the ground loses. 

For Volleyball:  Raise the net, grab the inflatable volleyball and have an intense game.  Play one on one or in teams.

Hall Stars Indoor 3-1 Net Sports set includes:  4’ adjustable height net, 2 Racquets, Foam Tennis Ball, Inflatable Volleyball, Foam Birdie,

Hall Stars Indoor 3-1 Net Sports SRP:  $24.99, Recommended ages:  6 and up


Junk Ball Hall Stars Indoor 3 in 1 Net Sports


    In 2005, LKI Toys launched the award-winning and popular brand of backyard sports toys, Junk Ball®.  The original Junk Ball baseball takes traditional backyard baseball to a new level with its aerodynamic design that makes it easy to learn how to throw all kinds of “junk” pitches including curves, fastballs, sinkers, risers, sliders, even knuckle balls.  The Junk Ball brand has grown to include a complete line of backyard and indoor sports toys including: Junk Ball Baseball Bat and Ball set, Junk Ball Home Run Challenge, Junk Ball Knockers tailgating game, and Junk Ball Sky Slasherz. In 2010, Junk Ball launched a line of backyard baseball products featuring Major League Players Association and Minor League Baseball team licenses.   Junk Ball most recently launched Hall Star Sports, a new line of safe indoor sports toys, designed to bring outdoor play indoors.  For more information visit www.junkball.com.  


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