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Junk Ball Sports Line Introduces “Knockers” Tailgating Game

Providence, RI - Holiday, 2009 - Just in time for the 2009 football season, Junk Ball Sports, introduces "Knockers" a new tailgating game. Sure to be a hit at tailgating parties, on college campuses and at backyard BBQ's, Knockers requires quickness and skill as players throw a flying disc aimed at knocking off the "knocker" while the opposing team tries to catch the Knocker or the flying disc.

Knockers can be played with 2 or more people, individually or in teams. Completely portable and easy to assemble, each set includes two stands that are placed 20 feet apart with a barrel shaped "knocker" on top of each stand. Points are scored when teams knock the "knocker" off the stand by throwing the flying disc at it. and/or if the defense is unable to catch the flying disc.


"Knockers" packs up easily in a nylon carry case. Instructions for scoring and game play are included. Knockers will be available online.

SRP: $39.99

Available at retail immediately.

Recommended ages: 8 and up.


Junk Ball® Backyard Sports brand was established by Little Kids, Inc. in 2005 to create and market outdoor sports toys and games that feature a new and exciting twist on play. Junk Ball's Backyard Baseball Junk Ball enables anyone to throw all kinds of "junk" pitches including curves, fastballs, sinkers, risers, sliders, even knuckle balls. It is a radically re-designed official sized plastic baseball and bat that features Dial Your Pitch technology along with dynamic "scuff marks." With the turn of the Dial Your Pitch ring, players adjust the airflow, thereby changing the way the ball moves towards the batter. The Junk Ball line also includes Junk Ball Home Run Challenge, Junk Ball Ghost Runner Baseball Electronic Homeplate, Junk Ball Strike Zone, and new for 2009, Sky Slasherz.



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