Backyard Baseball Junk Ball Rules

Baseball Rules


Junk Ball is played much like traditional baseball. Here's how to play:

  1. Use marker disks for bases and home run area
  2. Fielders may throw out runners by "pegging" or throwing the ball at base runners. Runners hit below the top of shoulders by a thrown ball before tagging a base are OUT! Note: Players accidentally hit in the neck, face, or head shall be awarded 2 extra bases.


Hit as many home runs as you can before making 10 outs. A swing is either a home run or an out.



How to play:

  1. Each batter is allowed 10 outs.
  2. An out is any pitch you swing at and miss, foul, or fail to hit "out of the park".
  3. Home runs are balls hit past the marker discs in fair territory.
  4. The player who hits the most home runs wins!


The first player to score 50 points wins! How to play:


  1. Use marker discs to build your field.
  2. Balls hit into single area score one point.
  3. Balls hit into double area score two points.
  4. Balls hit into triple area score three points.
  5. Home runs score 5 points.
  6. First player to score 50 points WINS!




Regular rules of baseball apply except there are no real base runners. Base runners are imaginary or "ghosts". How to play:


  1. Use marker discs to build your field.
  2. Ghost Runners take one base on a ball hit into single area.
  3. Ghost Runners take two bases on a ball hit into double area.
  4. Ghost Runners take three bases on a ball hit into triple area.
  5. Ghost Runners advance and score like real baseball. Example: If there is a runner on third and a single is hit, runner advances and scores!
  6. Ghost Runners DO NOT move on groundouts or fly-outs.


All games are played using Official Junk Ball Balls and Junk Ball Bats.

Mark off Dimensions of Playing Field. Determine single, double, triple and home run lines. (See step 22)

  1. Game consists of three, three inning games. The team to win 2 games first wins series.
  2. Games are 3 on 3, 4 on 4, or 5 on 5.
  3. To pick Home Team, one player from Team A places ball behind back and opens/closes the holes. One player from Team B must guess if holes are open or closed. If Team B is correct they must choose to be Home or Away Team.
  4. Cut out Professional Baseball lineups from newspaper and put into a hat. Team A and Team B must each pick lineup out of hat. This will be your team's lineup and team.
  5. Talking smack and/or junk is favorably looked upon
  6. Each game lasts 3 innings, and if tied, goes into extra innings
  7. There will be 3 outs per inning. If players would like to alter this it must be determined before the game starts.
  8. Once a team is up by 10 runs or more, the game is over. The team that is winning wins!

  9. A new pitcher must start each game and pitch at least 1 inning.
  10. Teams must announce pitching order at beginning of game 1.
  11. Pitchers must pitch in their scheduled rotation slot.
  12. Any combination of three strikes is an OUT. A strike includes a missed swing, a foul ball, or any pitch that hits the Strike Zone target area (including the frame, but excluding the legs).
  13. 4 balls are a walk. A pitch that hits a batter is a ball. If ball misses strike zone and batter does not swing a ball is to be called.
  14. Fast pitching is allowed. The pitcher must throw from the pitchers mound, which is 46' from home plate.

  15. The pitcher must field the ball cleanly before the ball rolls past the pitchers mound for it to be an out.
  16. Ground balls must be fielded cleanly before passing the single line and before the ball stops moving to be an out. Bobbled ground balls are hits. A fielder is allowed one step in from the single line to field a ground ball. Ground balls that do not reach the singles line are foul. Any ball caught in the air before it hits the ground (fair or foul) is an out. Fly balls that are bobbled, but caught, are outs. Fielders may reach over the fence to catch a fly ball. Fielders cannot collapse or bend the fence to catch a ball. If the fence is pushed, bent, or knocked over by a fielder attempting to catch a fly ball, it is a home run.
  17. You may catch a ball hit off any object (i.e. Tree, house, etc.) for an out.
  18. A ball hit into the trees or any structure and gets stuck, is an out.
  19. If bases loaded, runner on third is forced home, the defense may hit the target for the out.

  20. All players must bat.
  21. There is no running of bases. All runners are imaginary. Runners advance when forced by walks or hits. A runner on base moves the same number of bases as the hitter (i.e. a runner on first base advances to third base on a double by the batter). Lines on the field indicate hits. There are single and double lines on the field. A ball that travels on the ground past the singles line without being fielded is a single. A ball that travels in the air and lands past the double line is a double. A ball that hits the fence in the air without going over is a triple. A ball that goes over the fence on a fly is a home run.

Baseball Rules

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